The PADIMA Award

The PADIMA Award (pilot project)

The Most Inclusive Children’s Book 2024

Would you like to be a part of our jury and help us discover talented authors for children?

The 2024 PADIMA Award is a pilot project that aims to become an annual competition that will highlight talented authors for children still unknown to the public. But first, in this initial project, we need a jury who can vote and nominate their favorite book.

Hence, with your participation, constructive and benevolent feedback as a jury, Editions NAKUONA Forlag will be able to refine the coming years’ PADIMA competitions, enabling us to attract even more great, unknown authors and awesome judges!

Schools and kindergartens that want to participate get a 10% discount when ordering the two books included in this year’s competition.

Martine Vanderheyden

Anne Guégant

Muriel Mossoux

1. Why the name ‘PADIMA’, and why do we hold this competition?

PADIMA are the initials of Patrick, Didier and Martine. Patrick and Didier were my beloved older brother and cousin. When I was a child, they were my best friends and I accompanied them on all their adventures. I was so proud of them, and loved them so much! They had endless dreams! Sadly, in 1998, they were tragically taken from life; they were 23 and 22 years old. The void they left behind is huge…

martine patrick didier

For a long time I wondered how I could continue to make Patrick and Didier live through me; how could I make them known to as many people as possible? So I thought of creating this contest, as part of my publishing endeavor.

Many great competitions already exist, but I want do something a bit different by proposing a competition where only children’s books written by authors who are unknown to the public and whose themes of inclusion and (intercultural) goodwill will be put in the spotlight.

2. Can I become a jury member?

  • This year, you can be part of the jury until the age of 12, regardless of the place and the country in which you live.
  • You can participate either alone or with your school, your class, your association, your “homework school”, etc.
  • From next year, the PADIMA prize will open new age categories in order to attract even more talented authors and wonderful jury members.

3. In thanks for your participation

  • The author who will win this edition of the competition will come and meet you either in your class/school/nursery/association, or via Skype.
  • You will receive a surprise.
  • You will receive a jury diploma from the PADIMA Prize.

4. How do we register?

You register by contacting us – either with our contact form, or by sending us an email: