Muriel Mossoux

Muriel Mossoux

Freelance illustrator, I combine artistic production and teaching (drawing / visual arts) in secondary schools in Belgium. 

In the early 2000s, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Clavis editions, as an author and illustrator, for the production of two children’s books: «Hoe?» and «Vrolijk Pasen Pablo!» (translated and published in several countries). I also worked as an illustrator for Dopido magazine (Averdobe editions). 

Also, when Martine Vanderheyden asked me to illustrate the children’s book «Mimi Brocoli» for her publishing house NAKUONA Forlag, I welcomed the project with enthusiasm. 

I have known Martine since kindergarten. We grew up in the same village, in Welkenraedt, Belgium. We were both part of the Patro Sainte Jeanne d’Arc there, and shared many activities there. These beautiful, unexpected reunions remind me of a sentence by Paulo Coelho: «Nothing in this world happens by chance.» 

I look forward to this collaboration. New projects stimulate my optimism. 

For my drawings, my watercolours, I like to let myself be inspired by the riches of nature, go for a horseback ride, contemplate beautiful spaces. Forest, animals, atmospheres, colors – I take advantage of every moment. And if things happen to me, I live them like stories. It’s great fun!  


Muriel is a graduate in plastic arts (specialization in illustration at ESA Saint-Luc de Liège). She is also a graduate in pedagogy. 

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Muriel Mossoux