Marielle Weickmans Stommen

Marielle Weickmans-Stommen

Passionate about literature, I have been writing stories since I was young. My teacher predicted a career as a journalist! 

I still write, but I am also a musician – an organist, to be exact. I am a concert artist, and I also teach music in the province of Liège, Belgium. 

I live surrounded by artists: my brother, Francis Stommen, is a visual artist, and my sister, Laetitia Stommen (alias Laetitia Castoi), is a composer. 

My daughter, Emeline Weickmans, is an actress. My house frequently resounds with laughter and songs, because I like to share moments of joy with my family, my husband, my five daughters, with my friends, in Spa or during holidays in France (I am an assumed Francophile). 

I published my first children’s novel «Daybreak: The Experience» in 2012. 

For my second youth novel «Un Leger Contretemps», I wanted to work with a publishing house on a human scale, to find a warm welcome, a great energy. NAKUONA Forlag Editions have all these qualities. Martine Vanderheyden-Lundahl, its founder, shows an unusual dynamism. For the release of «Un Leger Contretemps», she did not hesitate to travel from Norway to attend a signing session in Belgium. Incredible, no! 

My favorite quote? «Talent doesn’t exist. Talent is wanting to do something. And everything else is sweat, it’s perspiration, it’s discipline.» (Jacques Brel)