Jean-Luc Doumont

Jean Luc Doumont

When I was a child, my father gave me a Canadian flag that he had received as a gift. He simply said, “You’ll understand later.” Today, I have lived in this country for twenty-two years – but I have strong Belgian roots.

I started my career working as a journalist and media editor across Quebec, then I created my own company, DOUMONT 360, which offers services in the fields of communication and crisis management.

The news being for me a passion, I am also an author of novels, inspired by various facts. From these, deliberately embellished to keep only the essence, I build thrilling thrillers.

My novels S’enfuir et après, Je ne suis pas mort je dors, Dossier D were a great success. For my next productions in Canada, I now have the great pleasure of collaborating with Béliveau Éditeur, whose human and sincere approach I appreciate (“I do not publish books, I only publish humans!”, the publisher told me).

The translation of all my books is expected in Italy, Spain and the United States.

In 2023, all my novels will also be translated and distributed in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. I have the pleasure of working with NAKUONA Forlag Editions, which has acquired the rights for distribution throughout Scandinavia. It is a publishing house that understands the authors and makes every effort to make the novels a success. Editor MartineVanderheyden-Lundahl is a woman of heart.

A scoop to finish: the immense Serge Fiori gave me his permission to use the titles of his songs for my next four novels. My idol from Quebec allows me this wink eye to his timeless works. I hope to be worthy of his trust.

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