Anne Guégant

Anne Guégant

I love life, I love people, I like to write people’s lives, their stories, the stories they tell themselves, the ones that make them dream, the ones they want to tell.

But what about mine, in a few words that can characterize me? I love life so much that I managed to live several… Then…
Curious and greedy of everything from a very young age, I worked all kinds of jobs from the age of nineteen, rolling my bump from Montpellier to the Côte d’Azur where I ended up settling. There, in a beautiful little village clinging to the Gorges du Loup, I settled down for a few years. I watched my two daughters grow up, in a magical setting, surrounded by nature. I was then working for a nature reserve, and providing a photo agency with images of critters, landscapes, wild plants and gardens.

My children having left the nest, I resumed my studies and then, reconciling different interests, I worked with people in difficulty of social and professional integration. Three years later, I went from individual support to the development of territorial projects. An exciting position, rich in encounters, which leaves me with very beautiful memories. But… life is full of surprises and, six years later, I followed the man of my life to settle on the land of my ancestors, in Brittany! Nine years already. I, who dreamed of it, still can’t believe it!

In this new life, I combine several activities – I remain curious, and greedy. As a member of the Compagnons biographes network, I accompany narrators in writing life stories. This is how in the middle of the covid 19 pandemic, I met Martine Vanderheyden. Thanks to her, despite the confinement, I was able to transport myself in pictures and travel to Norway, invite her to the Monts d’Arrée.

After working for and with Martine on the writing of Deux valises, bonheurs et malheurs d’une maman solo, I became a fan of her energy, her ideas, her communicative joie de vivre. Martine is a fighter. Also, when she offered me to accompany her in her struggles, her favorites and her creative fantasy, I did not resist. This sharing across borders makes me very happy!