Alice Nsabimana

Alice Nsabimana

A Belgian citizen of Rwandan origin, I was born on September 25, 1977 in Etterbeek, Belgium. Married to a Cameroonian, I am the mother of two daughters. I lived in Rwanda until 1994. That year, my father was murdered (April 6). I was then seventeen years old, and I was forced to flee my country to take refuge in Belgium.

I studied political science, then specialized in human resources as well as family, international and intercultural mediation. It is in this professional sector that I work today.

The expression Carpe Diem makes me live and vibrate on a daily basis. Since I escaped death in 1994, I have promised myself to try to live in peace with myself and those around me. I want to cultivate love rather than lock myself into hate. Our days on this Earth are numbered, so we might as well live them as best we can, enjoying the beauty of nature and human beings.

As a mediator, I have always wanted to facilitate community dialogue in the Rwandan diaspora, still very marked by the traumas of Rwanda’s dark past, and still divided. I have developed and lead “circles of resilience”, through which I hope to contribute to the restoration of links through the culture of peace.

I’ve always loved writing. Writing allows me to escape mentally. Telling my family story was close to my heart, for posterity – the story of my life is for me more natural than imagining a story. Once the machine is launched, locked in my bubble, I let the memories rise to the surface. The writing then becomes fluid, in authenticity.

My first book, Resilience, published in the spring of 2022, is a summary of my family history. I recount how each member of the Nsabimana siblings experienced the greatest genocide of the 20th century, with their choices and questions, their wanderings sometimes, their solutions to begin reconstruction.

For my second story, I chose Editions NAKUONA Forlag for several reasons. Martine and I are connected by a natural affinity (friendships unite my family and hers). I knew that Martine would understand my story, that she would take it seriously.

I was also touched by her beautiful book, Two Suitcases, Joy and Misfortunes of a Single Mom. I discovered her struggle, her career and then the reasons that pushed her to found Editions NAKUONA Forlag. Our exchanges gave me confidence. I liked her warm approach, her way of communicating.

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