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Seeking Jury Members for the PADIMA Award

The Most Inclusive Children’s Book 2024

We are seeking a jury for our brand new competition – The PADIMA Award. As a jury, you will vote on which of the submitted children’s books deserve to win the award. Please note that the jury members must be children from kindergarten and elementary school classes, because we want children to pick the children’s book they enjoy the most! 

Schools and kindergartens that want to participate get a 10% discount when ordering the two books included in this year’s competition.


– We will design your book’s cover in collaboration with you
– We will produce your book
– We will sell it on our site
– We will distribute it to our partner retailers
– We will promote it to our readers through our social networks
– As we are a small publishing house, we are counting on your motivation and your dynamism to take an active part in the success of your book by making it known around you!